Cinnamon Grand’s Nuga Gama and Chutneys on China’s ‘Top Choice 2015’ Restaurant Awards

‘Top Choice 2015’ conducted by leading Chinese tourist website has recognised and ranked Cinnamon Grand Colombo’s signature restaurants Nuga Gama and Chutneys among the most preferred dining destinations in Sri Lanka. is an authentic and professional tourist information website, committed to offering the most comprehensive travel information to Asian tourists through its annual independent restaurant survey valuation.

Cinnamon Grand is the only hotel to have two restaurants featured in this top-notch tourism site. Eleven other restaurants in Colombo have also made it to the Top Choice 2015 awards.

“Your exquisite menus and friendly services have received positive reviews by our judges and Asian visitors leading to the successful qualification in our ‘Top Choice’ ranking system,” Lianorg. com Communications Manager Rita Chen noted. Following the award, the restaurants are to be promoted via Lianorg’s media, in forms of network, video, books and tourist guides.

Cinnamon Grand Hotel’s Nuga Gama is lauded for its uniqueness in terms of setting and decoration and promoting local culture in the midst of an urban metropolitan.

“(It is) designed to provide an opportunity for customers to not leave the capital to experience village life in Sri Lanka,” the website state. “Guests can savour the famous cuisines of Sri Lanka, enjoy cultural performances and learn about local traditions and culture – a threefold, unique experience.”

For Chutneys, it was its upscale and elegant atmosphere along with reasonable prices and good service that got the restaurant a place on the list. “It is one of the best Indian restaurants in Colombo,” the review results on the site assert.

China is currently Sri Lanka’s third largest tourist generating country with 128,166 tourists visiting in 2014, marking a 136 percent increase from the previous year. With national plans to further expand the Chinese market within 2015, the rankings come at an opportune time and would assist in driving traffic to the local restaurants listed. The awarding website is primarily utilised by those in China, Japan and Korea.

In 2014, had awarded 8,085 ‘Top Choice Restaurant’ medals, 5,430 ‘Top Choice Hotel’ medals and 3,762 ‘Top Choice Store’ medals throughout 1,580 in cities across 83 countries.

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