Upcoming five-star golf resort and spa at Nilaveli, Trincomalee

Situated in the North Eastern suburbs of the Trincomalee district is a popular coastal resort village called Nilaveli, which is not a new name to Sri Lankans or foreigners.

The Royal Suite Villa under constructionNilaveli is home to some of the most beautiful coastlines and world renounce beaches of this little island nation. With the tourism industry picking up to its usual glory after the decline during the civil war, a number of new properties are being developed in this beautiful village. One such fabulous property, which will soon be available to those who would like to treat themselves to an escape to paradise in the arms of luxury. This property is another business venture of those behind the Blue Orchid Residencies (Luxury Apartment Complex) project in Wijerama and the Nilaveli Blue Oceanic Resort. The luxurious golf resort is owned by Lalith Amarasekara, Mauli Chandrika Amarasekara and their daughter Dr. Diana Amarasekara.

The property covers a total land area of 16 Acres facing the Nilaveli Beach overlooking a beautiful coral reef with direct access from the Trincomalee-pulmudai main road. It enters the market as a Super Luxury Golf Resort with Spa. The property is composed of four main types of residences.

Presidential Villas: There are only two of these for the whole property overlooking to coral reef and they represent a class of their own at the very height of special amenities, comfort and luxury living. Each of these villas is equipped with its own private plunge pool and Jacuzzi for the ultimate state of relaxation. These two villas are also equipped with an outdoor rain shower. These villas are highly spacious boasting a total surface area of 1000 square-feet. The villas open out to a full blown serenading view of the beach and gives its guests direct access to the beach unlike any other type of residence in the property. This is a product that is carefully designed for the elite traveler who wants to indulge in the beauty of the blue waters and the golden dunes at an intimate level in a luxurious fashion.

Royal Villas: Only second to the presidential villa in terms of size and special amenities, there are only eight of these in the property. Each one of them is generously equipped with their own plunge pool. These are also equipped with a rain shower like the presidential suites. These villas open up to a breathtaking view of the beach and are very spacious accounting for a total surface area of 760 square-feet. This product is a crossover between the highest level of luxury offered in the presidential villa and the affordability of the junior suites.

Junior Suites: The junior suites come with a total surface area of 530 square-feet and has a view that is shared by the beach and the golf course. There are 10 suites of this type in the property. The junior suite is expected to serve a wide customer base as it encompasses affordability, luxury and the bliss of the sea side and golf course in one single package.

Family Rooms: Each family room is composed of two separate rooms within them and accounts for a total surface area of 900 square-feet. The view from these rooms is shared by the golf course and the beach as seen in the case of the Junior Suites. The product is meant to cater to those looking for an oceanic escape with the whole ‘gym band’ as they popularly call it in Sri Lanka.

Other facilities that this great property has to offer are as follows: Infinity sea water swimming; A restaurant; Mini Snack Bar at the Golf Course; A Souvenir Shop; Fine dining space for six persons inside the kitchen from where they can see the chefs do their magic.

Activities that one can indulge in during their stay at the hotel include: Golfing for those who want to play a game of confidence, 15 mins boat riding to infamous pigeons island, jet ski riding for the thrill seekers, boat riding in the sea and lagoon for those in the pursuit of tranquility, diving and snorkeling for those who want to explore the world underwater, painting to bring out the artist in oneself, bird watching for those who value bio-diversity, hiking historical landmarks for those who are in the need to know and day tours services to Sigiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

The final touch ups to make this property the best home outside of home are currently underway and the resort will soon be opened to the public.

Source : http://epaper.dailymirror.lk/epaper/viewer.aspx


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