Home Works Group to launch eco-friendly Gedara Kataragama

Home Works Group of Companies, involved in construction, security and turnkey projects has diversified into the leisure industry and hopes to invest over Rs. 200 million on three projects.

Chairman/Managing Director Dr. Gladwin Anthony Denzil Ludewyke said that their first hotel project would be Gedara Kataragama, an eco-friendly hotel targeting the corporate sector. Gedara Katargama includes eight chalets with all luxuries and five-star star amenities including an open kitchen, modern swimming pool with a jacuzzi and water fountain, tree house, boat deck and many other facilities and features.

“This project now in final stage, was designed, engineered and built by Home Works Pvt Ltd under my purview and will be the lead for new concepts and designs in the architectural field in Sri Lanka,” he said.

“Our main target is will be pilgrims visiting the Katargama Devalaya and Kiriwehera and guests would be able to take a complete villa or even the entire hotel. We have marketed this hotel to leading companies and they have already made bookings in advance.”

He said he will also introduce a spa and several transport options for both safaris to Yala and to visit Kiriwehera and other religious places in Kataragama.

He said his next project would be Gedara Akurala where he will build a 10-room luxury hotel complex targeting upmarket clients. He said that all these projects are built by his construction company, thus saving time and money and also ensuring a high quality finished project. He is also the Director Foreign Affairs of the Human Rights Organization of Sri Lanka and has been presented by the honorary title ‘Kirthi Sri SriLankabimani Janaranjana Deshabandu Viyapara Vibooshana’.


Source : http://dailynews.lk/2017/08/08/business/124446/home-works-group-launch-eco-friendly-gedara-kataragama


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