Sri Lanka is gifted with tourist attractions


Presentation of the Spiritual Book ‘Pointers to Enlightenment’ to the British High Commissioner by the author Vipula Wanigasekersa

At a recent presentation made to the British High Commissioner, the Deputy and the staff, Vipula Wanigasekera, Senior Lecturer at the NSBM Green University said in his presentation that Sri Lanka’s tourism prospects are high in terms of numbers and yet there is a long way to reach the real high end tourism niches as this requires raising of the entire profile of the country and repositioning the Island as a high end destination in the minds of future travellers. Nevertheless Sri Lanka is gifted with ‘must see’ places for tourists that would continue to bring tourists into the country.

He opined that Sri Lanka should retain and protect the Western European base considering repeat visitors with the brand loyalty while some big markets are showing the increase at a decreasing rate. Wanigasekera’s presentation covered history of Sri Lanka tourism, the current status and future prospects. He also explained the potential in the lessor known attractions which are yet to be communicated to the markets with a campaign targeting small interest groups.


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