Reducing 5-hour check-in requirement at BIA being explored

The possibility of reducing the 5-hour compulsory passenger check-in requirement at the Bandaranaike International Airport is being explored, Tourism Minister John Amaratunga was quoted as saying after a visit to the airport last Sunday.

“We are also looking at the possibility of reducing the 5 hour check in time. I’m confident this can be reduced in the near future,” Minister Amaratunga said, according to a media release issued by the ministry. Before the partial closure of the airport(starting January 6), passengers were asked to check-in 2-3 hours before a flight.

After meetings with key officials at the airport, the ministry said that some of the other measures introduced (to ease congestion) are queue management, entertainment for waiting passengers, additional seating arrangements, passenger facilitation services in the emigration area and free Wi-Fi for passengers.

“During the meeting at the airport we discussed the feasibility of introducing a separate business class check in area to ease main terminal passenger traffic. We are also exploring the possibility of enabling passenger check in at airline offices in Colombo. Logistics and emigration issues need to be worked out in this regard,” the Minister said.

Initial congestion caused as a result of the partial closure of the Bandaranaike International Airport beginning January 6 has now eased, the ministry said. The airport is closed from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm daily for a period of three months to carry out resurfacing of the main runway.

The number of counters for check-in, immigration and also customs has been increased corresponding to the increase in traffic.

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