Two global yacht and marina construction companies show interest in marine tourism


Two companies globally known for yacht building and marina construction have visited Sri Lanka to explore opportunities to invest in marine tourism.

Nizar Tagi, Managing Director of Benetti, the Italian shipbuilding and luxury yacht building company, and Sujay Chohan from Ocean Blue, an Indian yacht builder and marina developer, have visited Sri Lanka and met with the State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Dilip Wedaarachchi recently. The two manufacturers have consented to support marine tourism in Sri Lanka related to fisheries industry, according to the State Minister.

Wedaarachchi briefed the two investors in detail regarding the proposed Blue Economy movement and the investors, having been highly impressed by this concept, have expressed their keen interest to fully support the implementation of this process. The State Minister invited them to visit and observe Tangalle in Southern Province which has been decided as the location of implementation of this program.

“The national income could be massively strengthened by promoting fisheries related marine tourism of the country. Diverse programs have been designed aiming at tourist attraction towards marine tourism,” the State Minister, said pointing out that the Fisheries Ministry is the pioneer of promoting whale watching in Sri Lanka which has now become highly popular.

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