Sri Lanka showcased at OTDYKH Travel Market


Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) made another move in promoting Sri Lanka as a global destination participating at the OTDYKH Travel fair, which was held in Russia recently.

This is Russia’s leading travel and tourism event. This is an annual event in Moscow bringing a perfect start for the upcoming winter season in the Russian market. It also gives an opportunity to travel agents and those who are interested in the tourism sector to share their ideas and experiences about their respective countries and their importance as business and tourist destinations.

The OTDYKH International travel market celebrated its 22nd edition in 2016 from 21 to 24 September at the Moscow Expo Centre Fair Grounds in Russia. The first two days were reserved for trade and the third and fourth days were opened to trade as well as the public. SLTPB was represented by Madusha Perera, Assistant Director – Marketing.

The visitors were able to experience a glimpse of Sri Lanka with its exquisite beauty. The Russian community was able to get knowledge of Sri Lanka inclusive of its natural beauty, resources and vibrant festivals throughout the year.

Sri Lanka Tourism exhibited its creativity by having an attractive and a colourful stand. It had its main eight themes, which have always provided a positive impression, and has been able to give a good knowledge of Sri Lanka as a major tourist attraction among the Russian community. The Sri Lanka stand organised by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau was showcased in collaboration with the Sri Lankan mission in Russia.  The Sri Lanka Stand was organised by Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and saw the participation of 10 industry stakeholders. It was ceremoniously opened by Samantha Pathirana, Minister, and Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russian Federation, with the participation of local Industry stake holders.

Sri Lankan glamour shone at the OTDYKH Travel market in Russia, which created a different experience to the visitors. The travel exhibition came to a positive conclusion creating opportunities for the growth of Russian tourism market in Sri Lanka. SLTPB representatives and representatives from the Sri Lanka Embassy in Russia and industry participants at the Sri Lanka Stand at OTDYKH 2016 Leisure International Trade Fair, Moscow, Russia .

Source :–at-OTDYKH-Travel-Market

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