Hilton Colombo unveils phase 1 of refurbishment project


All day dining restaurant GRAZE KITCHEN and LAB Lounge & Bar opens

Hilton Colombo has announced the official opening of the newly refurbished two outlets GRAZE KITCHEN and LAB Lounge and Bar, truly a theatre of dining experience that will evoke the senses. As a pioneer in the hospitality trade Hilton Colombo has always prided itself in providing an impeccable service and continues to make revolutionary strides in the field of food and beverage. The team’s dedication and commitment to the brand and passion to push the envelope, has been the foundation of their continuous growth as a brand that has elevated the benchmark for service standards and this new experience in dining will not disappoint its clientele.

Step into LAB; the Lobby Lounge and Bar and treat yourself to a truly unique lounging experience. Centrally themed around the waning rainforests of Sri Lanka, guests are invited to reminisce in this abstracted indoor Tropicana. Beautiful Brazilian snow fox granite paves the floor, sweeping from the arrival hall all the way through the lobby lounge and bar, leading the eye to the windows fringing the bar which looks out into the lotus pond. Plush leather armchairs and sofas grace the lobby.

Washed in colours homogenous with natural, earthy tones, a tranquil atmosphere is fostered throughout the space. Carpets lining the ground where these furniture rest are patterned to reflect the verdure of the rainforest, and don deep grey, cinnamon and beige colours that flatter the surrounding facets perfectly. On the walls rest an exquisite titanium travertine, book-matched to create a seamless flow which draws the eye from one area of the lobby to the next.

Pause to admire the elegant flowing wall sculpture fabricated from woven wood, which reminds one of clouds calmly passing by on a warm day. The high ceiling of the lobby lounge employs a conceptual canopy bearing resemblance to the shade provided by overhanging trees in the rainforest. The curved lines running smoothly from pillar to pillar evoke in one a sense of peace and calm. Crevasses in the ceiling make use of warm cove lighting to help emphasise the impression of light shining through the leaves of trees.

Each structural pillar has meandering contours which help shape the image of tree trunks leading up to the leaves on the ceiling. As guests amble towards the bar, sculptures of wild, wandering deer and leopard can be seen. These sculptures serve to allude to the trials and tribulations animals encounter in losing their homes in the rainforests of Sri Lanka. Beneath the feet of these sculptures lays a wall-to-wall carpet which defines the floor of the seating area directly facing the lotus pond.

The colours of the carpets take inspiration from the Sri Lankan rainforests adorning deep greens and robust browns, interspersed with pale yellow and grey that complement the furniture to add to the tropical aura of the lounge. The large serpentine sofa central to the seating area relates to guests the concept of fallen trees in the rainforest. Wander to the bar where an alluring parched wooden structure stretches from floor to ceiling, drawing attention to the condition of the dwindling rainforests.

Under the outreaching Burmese teakwood, guests can enjoy a cool drink from the extensive beverage menu and admire the view of the lotus pond where koi fish, ducks and swans idle about their day. Expert sommelier, butler quality team members will show off their bar showmanship with impeccable service. To add to the glamour, a sophisticated live jazz band will play daily during the evening hours.

The 709 square-meter all-day dining restaurant, GRAZE KITCHEN is a multifaceted restaurant showcasing a live and interactive dining experience with high energy serving team members. The word origin from old English grasian, means grass. The original sense for cookery is to eat small portions of food throughout the day rather than formal meals.

Contemporary in design, the atmosphere at GRAZE KITCHEN is inspired by nature with organic sculptural features and lighting, and warm natural earthen colour tones. The birds nest inspired chandelier with four distinct venue spaces that offer guests different ambient and visual cues, lighting that changes from day to night to create a subtle change in mood and environment. In addition to the show kitchen experience there is alfresco dining on the deck. The restaurant that could accommodate up to 240 is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a la carte menu option as well.

The show kitchen in pod like shapes allows guests to be involved in the action of preparation by selecting their own ingredients in a market style environment and having the chefs prepare the dishes a la minute. Featuring authentic specialty chefs under one roof, guests could enjoy diversity of cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Indian Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian and Mediterranean.

The large seating capacity also includes two private dining rooms, ideal venues for small meetings and gatherings. Each room is designed with its own personality and features to perform specific functions. Be it for power lunches over business that require audio visual support and facilities or a private venue with a view, these rooms will add a new dimension to private room dining. Guests will also be experiencing classical glass wear and porcelain with simple yet elegant table set ups.

“Every guest who walks in to the restaurant will be experiencing a world class service from the dedicated team members who have been working around the clock for the last couple of months. I am truly proud of the team and what we have to offer our guests,” says Hilton Colombo General Manager Manesh Fernando. “GRAZE KITCHEN and LAB – Lounge & Bar offers a completely new menu with an emphasis on fresh, natural produce and satisfying globally inspired flavours,” added Fernando.

Source : http://www.ft.lk/article/572629/Hilton-Colombo-unveils-phase-1-of-refurbishment-project


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