Tender for SL tourism promotional partners in coming weeks: minister

In a bid to fast track the launch of the destination campaign, the Tourism Development Ministry said that the tenders for a suitable promotion partner were set to be advertised in the coming weeks.

Tourism Development and Christian Affairs Minister John Amaratunga shared it with the industry players having urged the need for launching the campaign sooner than later, the necessary measures are being taken to ensure the exercise is not delayed.

“We are going to advertise soon for the tenders for the companies that can do the promotional work for Sri Lanka Tourism. That will be done very soon, most likely in the coming weeks. Thereafter we will do the evaluation and go ahead. That is the propaganda part of it,” shared Amaratunga.

He added that all the tour boards were “very keen” to get the promotional activities off the ground, thus the ministry was moving in full steam to kick off the campaign. It was said that the tenders would be open for both, local and foreign companies.

“We are going to be open with this. We welcome proposals from local and foreign companies, there will be no limitation. Our objective is to have an exceptional promotional campaign for Sri Lanka tourism, one that is impactful. We will go ahead with any company that fulfils that. We want to get in a recognised party, the right party,” said the minister.

He emphasised that the Tourism Ministry and its relevant departments are now “highly active” to make certain the industry received the maximum and much wanted attention. Furthermore, the stakeholders are keen on moving the tourism sector from being the third largest to become the nation’s second largest foreign exchange earner in the near future.

It was also shared that the ministry has taken the decision to attend all international conferences and conventions on tourism to further promote the country. “We will be attending it all,” Amaratunga said. The minister left for Beijing, China on May 17 to attend the inaugural World Conference on Tourism for Development, which kicked off yesterday. He was invited to participate as a panellist at a high-level session.

During his visit, the minister would meet the head of the Chinese Tourism Ministry and China’s top five travel agents.

Source : http://epaper.dailymirror.lk/epaper/viewer.aspx


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