Undiscovered Wellawaya with Jetwing Kaduruketha


To most, Wellawaya is a central town that is passed through en route to other popular traveller destinations along the East Coast or in the Deep South. Jetwing Kaduruketha, one of the family’s newest hotels and their first agro-tourism property, is looking to change that. Located 208 km away from Colombo and 30 km from Ella, Wellawaya is rife with natural wonders and a rich history with its landscape dotted by religious and cultural landmarks. Through a range of excursions that stretch from hikes to historical sites, the Jetwing Kaduruketha experience shows guests that Wellawaya itself is a place with remarkable character.


Situated in the foothills of the Poonagala mountain range, the land around Wellawaya is rich with flora and fertile land that gives birth to an abundant crop, some of which grows at the boundary of the hotel. The terrain makes it ideal for hiking and trekking, activities that the associates of Jetwing Kaduruketha can readily arrange.

The Assistant Manager Hasantha Lokugamage is an expert on the wonderful things Wellawaya has to offer. An avid trekker and environmentalist, his wealth of knowledge can craft an itinerary that is suited to any type of traveller. He highly recommends his personal favourite – a hike to the upper part of Diyaluma Falls. Nestled in the tea estates of Koslanda, the second tallest waterfall in the country is a captivating experience that is relatively unknown amongst travellers.

The trek begins through a mountain forest, rising and falling till the sound of rushing water signals the destination. A blue pool, its waters freezing cold, are ideal for a swim and an ideal location for the overnight camp that Jetwing can arrange for adventurers. A careful walk close to the edge of the ridge takes one to where the water drops from the height to create the actual fall, a treacherous yet thrilling phenomenon to witness.

A few minutes away from the hotel, is the hidden Elle Wala waterfall, a popular spot for locals in the region to swim and relax. There is a small hike to the waterfall itself but any fatigue is immediately washed away at the sight of the cascade crashing into a vibrant blue pool, surrounded by the mountain on three sides.

For those more awed by historical landmarks and sites, the region of Wellawaya bordering Buttala is home to architectural and cultural gems from lesser-known periods of Sri Lankan history. The ancient Buddhist temple of Buduruwagala is fine example of artistic and engineering technology as far back as the 10th century, the stonework a testament to the craftsmen who worked on the temple.

Yudaganava, one of the largest temples in Sri Lanka and the site of a famous 2nd century battle can be seen on a drive along the Wellawaya – Buttala road. The largest free-standing Buddha statue in the country is located in the Maligawila sacred grounds. These are but a few of the historic locations that can be admired around Wellawaya.

In addition to the excursions in the area, Wellawaya is centrally placed to allow guests to revel in a host of Sri Lanka’s finest experiences – the nature trails that begin in the town of Ella, the Uda Walawe elephant transit home and the national parks further south. Day trips to these locations can be arranged by the ever-accommodating staff who are committed to ensuring that your stay with Jetwing is one that is luxurious, adventurous and unforgettable.

Source : http://www.ft.lk/article/542594/Undiscovered-Wellawaya-with-Jetwing-Kaduruketha#sthash.RygarO8s.dpuf


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