Washington DC public embraces Sri Lanka during ‘Around the World Embassy Tour’

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Over 2,500 visitors flocked to the Sri Lankan Embassy on 7 May and sampled Sri Lankan culture, as the Embassy opened its doors to the general public in the United States’ capital as part of the annual Passport DC’s ‘Around the World Embassy Tour’ organised by Cultural Tourism DC.

The day-long event provided visitors with the opportunity to taste some of Sri Lanka’s authentic cuisine and beverages while enjoying live performances of traditional Sri Lankan dances and drums in the Embassy’s courtyard.

Visitors had the opportunity to try out Sri Lankan traditional attire. The saree corner was one of the most popular stops, where ladies were able to drape themselves in traditional Sri Lankan wear.

A variety of Sri Lankan products showcasing the country’s rich and diverse heritage, ranging from traditional masks to world-renowned tea and spices, were on display. Many of the visitors used the opportunity to interact with the Embassy staff and learn about Sri Lanka, especially about its exciting tourism opportunities.

Passport DC is Washington DC’s citywide international cultural awareness program that enables residents and visitors to experience and explore the international culture that flourishes alongside and beyond Washington’s renowned institutions.

Source : http://www.ft.lk/article/542116/Washington-DC-public-embraces-Sri-Lanka-during-%E2%80%98Around-the-World-Embassy-Tour-#sthash.vvKl1Mk8.dpuf


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