Thotupola Lakeside Resort transforms into a place to unwind  

The moment arriving at the Thotupola Lakeside Resort overlooking the picturesque Bolgoda Lake at Piliyandala, one begins to realise the stillness and calmness that pervades in the vicinity unlike any other resort in the country for that matter. What is unique about this resort is that it is not a place to host wedding ceremonies or for throwing any wild parties, or a tourist destination as most people think.

The resort has been specially built to accommodate groups of people or corporate clients or individuals to discover their true potential by unwinding themselves at the location to shed stress and strain they have developed along the way that impede thei r progress in life to lead a better and a contended life.

Chairman of the Thotupola Lakeside Resort, Major Vijith Welikala told a media briefing recently that Thotupola has been designed, developed and was now available for the corporate sector. He said although as many as 5,000 persons have gone through their portals in team building process, but they have uncovered a key missing element such as interacting with others at the workplace or at their homes.

“We know the world spends billions of rupees on team building and we too have been facilitating this concept for the last 10-15 years, and have seen negative results. It is not an effective tool in increasing productivity or creativity at organisations.” he said adding that the problem lay solely on individuals for not producing the desired results.

“It is a relationship problem that affects productivity and creativity at the work place. People do not relate to each other at their workplace. Why cannot they do so?” he queried. “The other destination that we have at Ella in the Uva province is a complete vegetarian destination where consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited,” he said. Innovative programmes such as the “Silent Time for Myself” coupled with classical music and Yoga therapy concepts and outdoor adventure have been introduced in the curriculum at the Thotupola Resort. Major Welikala said it would help heal rifts that people experience with others at their workplace and how to be connected with others. When a participant at the last programme was asked as to why they cannot relate to each other at the workplace, she retorted that everyone has overblown egos that prevents them interacting with others.

Major Welikala said when the time came for the allocation of rooms, one person pleaded with him that he would not share his cabin with a person whom he detested very much. Asked why he replied that he would kill him or that

Mihin Lanka, Sri Lanka’s national low-cost carrier, flew the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industries (TCCI) delegation from Madurai to Sri Lanka for investment talks and attending a trade fair

he main purpose of their visit was to take part in the Northern and Eastern investment promotions, hold a series of meetings and attend the Jaffna Trade Fair. These meetings will play a pivotal role in strengthening bilateral trade ties and business connections between the business communities of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, the airline said.

The 44-member delegation was led by S. Rethinavelu – Senior President and N. Jegatheesan, President of the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industries. With the north and east lagging behind the rest of the country in terms of economic development due to the 30-year civil war, this trade fair and series of meetings is expected to help unveil the business potential in these regions. The Chief Minisperson would kill him inside the cabin.” Such was the hatred that some professionals harbour against each other. “They are full of memories of what happened in the past and the programme has been designed to stay connected with each other,” he said.

The Thotupola Lakeside Resort also known as the Inward Bound facility provides outdoor adventure activities such as riding a water jet at the Bolgoda Lake, lowering oneself from a height from a cable attached to the body, and climbing a wall under the guidance and watchful eyes of experienced retired service commandos, listening to classical music to soothen your frayed nerves and practicing Yoga therapy under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs ) Radha and Yoga Professor Ken Vijayakumar from India.


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