BMICH offers exciting and dynamic environment for spectrum of events


An architectural jewel among Colombo’s celebrated landmarks, the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) provides a unique setting for a wide spectrum of events.

Recognised as one of the largest, most versatile event venues in Colombo, its balance of tradition and modernity offers organizers  locations for a range of activities beyond conferences or exhibitions.

“We have a wide variety of 16 venues to choose from, spread across 42 acres, each to suit individual or organisational needs,” noted BMICH Manager Events & Reservations Mahesh Amarasinghe.

For many the BMICH is prominent as a reputed, “conference, convention and exhibition center hosting prestigious seminars, conferences, convocations and award ceremonies, and also musical concerts,” Amarasinghe noted.

However, unlike other Colombo venues, the BMICH’s unique identity, authenticity and special aura provide clients with innumerable flexible spaces to host a variety of other events too.

“We are trying to change the perception of people. We can host any event including weddings, kid’s birthday parties, breakfast meetings, even New Years Eve,” he added.

BMICH management understand the growing demands of visitors, organisers and exhibitors requiring state-of-the-art infrastructure and offers a compelling proposition as a venue. This includes the ability to “accommodate 1600 people at a time that no other venue can do, an Orchestra Pit with very sophisticated lighting, sound and acoustics, and advanced equipment for the simultaneous translation of 32 languages,” Amarasinghe noted.

The four-decade building remains distinct from the rest of Colombo’s landscape, but harmonious with the city’s urban and natural setting. Inside, the fully equipped modern venue offers organisers everything required to host any type of event – from international conventions to huge fashion shows, gala dinners, and even automobile exhibitions

“We can host a dinner from two people to two thousand people – two people in Committee Room F to 2000 in the main Exhibition Hall. Also in terms of parking we can accommodate two thousand five hundred vehicles. This is our unique selling point,” Amarasinghe added.

The evolution of services at the BMICH has been continuous and management have earmarked long term strategic plans. According to Amarasinghe, “We have a lot of outdoor spaces, the Kamatha for example, and now the land at the back we want to make it into a spice garden.”

Unknown to many the BMICH provides facilities on par with star class hotels. “BMICH has the ability to host even corporate and national day cocktails, associated functions, dinners, luncheons, breakfast meetings, everything that can be held in Hotels (including availability of bed rooms for event organisers if they wish to stay in the premises during the event) can be hosted here and the biggest advantage is the ample space available for parking which has become quite an issue at most other venues,” he said.

The BMICH is also ideal for hosting pre and post media briefings and press conferences, “That is something that we do and offer competitive packages for corporates and organisers including at concessionary rates if the main event is held here,” Amarasinghe noted.

Additionally, organisers can rely on the experience and professionalism of the in-house team including the catering partner responding to the highest standards, ensuring effective and competitive solutions in making any event, flawless and unforgettable.

With constant attention to detail making the venue even more suited to events of all types and sizes, “The BMICH can host events of greater dimension, it’s a premium location and we foresee an even more progressive future,” added Sunil Dissanayake Director/Chief Executive of the BMICH.

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