China’s J. J. Construction building five star hotel in Panadura

Sunil Silva with J. J. Le in Colombo

China’s J. J. Construction who manages White Heven Hotel Panadura has started to build a 200 room five star hotel in Panadura.

Founder Chairman, White Heven Hotel Panadura, Sunil Silva said that they will invest US$ 30 million for the project. “We have bought a three acre land in Pandaura and have already started construction last month,” he said.

He said that the hotel will be built in 8 months opened in August 2016.”

The proposed J. J. Hotel Panadura

Silva said that the J. J. Construction in China is an international construction company and they were also involved in the building of the China Beijing Olympic stadium. “Modern building techniques are begin used to build the hotel and this is the reason we are completing the project in less than eight months.”

“I met J. J. Lee in China and when the idea was proposed he had no second thought to invest in Sri Lanka, mainly due to the increase number of Chinese tourists visiting Colombo.”

He said that the hotel will consist of large conference facilities, a shopping mall, international spa, gym and many other modern facilities. The four storeyed J. J. Hotel has been contracted to Jetwing Group for the purpose of marketing and management.

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