Sri Lanka Tourism unveils strategic marketing plan for 2016

Amid criticism over the absence of a proper marketing and promotional plan, and the lack of funds with the transfer of moneys collected from tourism stakeholders for promotional work by way of taxes to a consolidated fund operating under the Treasury, Sri Lanka Tourism yesterday came out with a strategic marketing plan for the year 2016.

A detailed press statement issued by Sri Lanka Tourism stated that the said strategic marketing plan was designed with the participation of “the private and public sector stakeholders addressing long standing needs of the industry and the future expectations of the country as a tourism destination”

During the year 2015 up to November, Sri Lanka Tourism recorded 18 percent growth on arrivals with 1.5 million arrivals. The total tourism revenue generated was US$ 2.2 billion.

“In this backdrop, the tourism promotional plan of year 2016 is formulated based on five key strategic objectives.

Attracting a target number of 2.2 million visitors with 26 percent annual growth, increasing average daily expenditure of a tourist up to US$ 200 and average stay, contributing to generate a total tourism revenue up to US$ 2.75 billion will be the key performance measures.

Uplifting Sri Lanka’s brand value up to US$ 80 million through tactical marketing campaigns focusing on main product offerings of the county will serve as the overall goal of the promotional strategy devised for 2016,” the statement said.

Sri Lanka Tourism also wishes to appoint PR agencies for major source markets in order to achieve country promotional objectives and aggressively promote the country enhancing tourism brand in the world.



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