Sri Lanka Embassy in Moscow energizes Tourism promotion


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Q n A session answered by Ms. Marina Salischeva, Director General, GTV

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Russian Federation launched a series of tourism promotions after the assumption of duties by the newly appointed Ambassador Dr. Saman Weerasinghe under his guidance.Out of four seminars, two were held during the month of October with the organizational support of prestigious tour operators in the Russian Federation, namely Grand Tour Voyage (GTV) and Quinta tour. GTV is a leading Russian Tour operator with nearly 10 years of experience in exploring and then sending Russian tourist groups to a variety of destinations in Sri Lanka.Quinta tour the other prestigious tour operator conducted the second seminar on 30th October 2015 and has experience over 20 years. The presentations on Sri Lanka were conducted by the Russian Nationals who have visited Sri Lanka and possess first hand experiences by visiting all over the country more than several times.

The first seminar was coordinated by the Grand Tour Voyage. More than 50 tour agents who are members of the GTV participated at the event. Mr. Oleg Demidov- well known actor and producer in Russia presented a guest speech about his Sri Lanka travel experience and recommendations. Ms.YuliaShestakova, Director (Tourism), GTV made a detailed presentation on the topic why to visit, where to visit and how to visit Sri Lanka.

The participants were welcomed by Dr. Saman Weerasinghe, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Russian Federation and requested the participants their active contribution towards improving the Russian Tourism into Sri Lanka. Further he assured the extension of his fullest support in any initiations of the tourism promotional activities.

The participants were also given a brief insight to the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau website and the contains of it for the use of promotional programmes and for possible facilitations. The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority web site was introduced to them for their analytical requirements such as statistics and industry perspectives.

A short film made on Sri Lanka by Oleg Demidov, renowned Russian actor and producer, and Mr. Sergey Baronov, Chief of Design Bureau of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire of Music (Russia’s most prestigious music education and concert establishment) was screened during the first seminar held in 23rd October 2015. The film was an animated presentation of the upcoming laser show depicting Sri Lanka. The show, assisted by technical experts of Live Productions TV & Internet broadcasting company, is intended to be premiered in Sri Lanka’s Lotus Flower Theatre in summer 2016 to attract international tourists. The film authors were proud to say that they hadmade more than 50 trips around Sri Lanka and decided to co-produce a large, technically advanced show, incorporating laser projections with live performance of local dancers and actors, for screening and promoting Sri Lanka’s heritage, legends of the past and present cultural richness and magnificent landscapes. Oleg Demidov described the places, their cultural importance and a bit of history of Sri Lanka while film was screening.

MsYulia Shestakova, Director (Tourism) of GTV made a presentation on Why, When, How to visit Sri Lanka. The presentation was quite detailed and focused on important aspects enabling partner tour operators to attract tourists with a variety of interests, from excursion programs to the historical centres of Sri Lanka, visits to Sri Lanka’s picturesque mountains, safari centres, elephant nurseries and turtle farms, to a vast choice of beach destinations on both East, South-East, South coasts, and West coasts, recommended for autumn/winter and summer tourists, respectively, with surfing, diving, fishing and other options for those interested. Ms. Shestakova made an overview of Sri Lanka’s hotels with different stars ratings, with transfer times from the airport and major excursion destinations in the country centre; special highlights were made regarding services available for families with younger children, and for those requiring VIP hotel options. Ms. Shestakova, backed by GTV Director General Ms. Marina Salischeva for some aspects, highlighted important organizational aspects, such as transit flights currently available from Russia with transfer times and costs, attractive seasonal packages.



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