A breakfast burst!


Be smart and start your day with a Barnesbury boost as the warm and friendly staff invites you to a hearty breakfast daily! Those who are used to a typical Sri Lankan meal have an incredible choice to indulge in. This neighbourly restaurant is probably just a step away from your home or office and one that comes with a difference!

From string hoppers, to pol roti, the ever popular kiribath, kade paan or even a spicy rice and curry or string hopper pilau, are yours to enjoy! An a la carte menu awaits with a delicious range of proteins prepared curry style and the lip smacking sambols. The international breakfast is up for grabs as well be it a seasonal fresh fruit platter, pancakes, eggs made to order – any style, cereals, the typical English breakfast or an American breakfast, the choices are many. A pot of steaming freshly brewed tea or coffee and fresh juices – the latter from the market’s choice can be enjoyed while your breakfast is being prepared. Those who prefer the outdoor can sit in the garden under a shady spot or indoors in the comfortable surrounds of the luxurious café and be spoilt for choice.

Go on, take your laptop with you and check your emails, and get started on the right note! Wi-Fi access, air conditioning, sofas, bar stools, comfy chairs, bean bags, need you ask for more? You may want to convene a breakfast meeting, indeed a pleasant way to start the day! A surprise for the team, initiate a think tank, or just have that lone moment you’ve been craving for and put everything that’s in your mind in perspective.

Grab the moment, the fact that you left home in a hurry to beat the traffic with the responsibility of dropping of your kid at school and not having the time to eat; you can now swing by what’s at close proximity to those living in the Colombo 7 or 8 zone and enjoy the breakfast you missed having at home!
Don’t just leave it for the week, come on over with the family on a Saturday or Sunday and relax over the best meal in a day! Start right – and live in the moment at Barnesbury.


-Source : http://www.ft.lk/article/495643/A-breakfast-burst-#sthash.msdcma4e.dpuf


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