‘The Haritha Collection’ launched in international tourism markets

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Four distinct tourism brands in Sri Lanka announced that they have amalgamated business interests in tourism, and launched under the new brand name ‘The Haritha Collection’.  Within The Haritha Collection is the flagship Horathapola Coconut Estate, a 50-acre organic coconut plantation surrounding a stylishly refurbished plantation bungalow, Kudakalliya Bungalows, located seaside in Arugam Bay, and the Dutch heritage beach bungalow in Matara known as 3 Sisters in Sri Lanka. Internationally renowned wildlife documentary logistics provider and pioneer luxury tented safari operator Kulu Safaris adds its exciting safari options to the umbrella of The Haritha Collection.

Sri Lankan businessman Javana Fernando oversees management of each of the properties, as proprietor and managing director of the operating companies, combining his family interests with examples of his own vision for Sri Lanka tourism.  Fernando released the following media statement: “Our properties are unique, with their own signature of life in Sri Lanka. They have one common thread: our commitment to responsible, low impact tourism.  We offer our guests discerning, private and very special destination experiences, from bespoke safaris, to relaxing beach culture, to the quiet restfulness of being surrounded by nature as far as the eye can see. We have always strived to harmonise our living concepts with the integrity of our natural surroundings. We give our guests every opportunity to experience sustainable initiatives and environmentally considerate accommodation options; that maximise luxury while mindful of its footprint on Sri Lanka. Amalgamating our corporate vision within one Brand makes sense, and we do so with the catchphrase ‘Tread Lightly,’ because a conscientious approach to tourism is fundamental to our brand identity.”

The word ‘Haritha’ is a Sinhala word, describing a vista as lush and green.  This is in line with the proprietors’ proud Sri Lankan heritage, while also reflecting the Brand’s maximisation of Sri Lanka’s magnificent nature into their corporate vision.
The Haritha Collection properties are:

Horathapola Coconut Estate
A 50-acre organic coconut estate upon which resides a discerningly renovated plantation bungalow and lodge, offering a seamless blend of modern luxury coupled with old world charm.  From a saltwater swimming pool to organic vegetables grown on the land, Horathapola keeps its commitment to The Haritha Collection and a legacy of responsible hospitality.

Kulu Safaris
Pioneers in luxury camping, Kulu Safaris offer unparalleled access to wildlife in Sri Lanka.  Kulu Safaris Yala Base Camp provides plush tented accommodation, while Wilpattu’s stunning diversity is accessible from Kulu’s nearby bungalow, as experienced rangers guide Kulu’s guests through protected national parks.  Kulu Safaris continues to provide complete logistics solutions and mobile accommodation for leading documentary filmmakers, including BBC Wildlife, Disney Nature, and The National Geographic Channel.

Kudakalliya Bungalows
Kudakalliya Bungalows reside in tranquillity among the sand dunes on an isolated beach in the Arugam Bay area.  With the Hada Oya river and mangrove islands running alongside the property and panoramic ocean views at its forefront, two salubrious rustic chic bungalows cater to families and large groups. In close proximity to Arugam Bay’s hip beach strip, Kudakalliya’s guests enjoy gourmet local produce, in relaxed privacy, in as large or small a number as they please, immersing in natural splendour.

3 Sisters in Sri Lanka
3 Sisters is a tranquil beachside retreat in Matara. Preserving the property’s original Dutch heritage, 3 Sisters that maximises privacy. Guests are encouraged to make the most of wide of open spaces, as local seafood and fresh produce showcase Sri Lanka’s abundant tropical bounty. 3 Sisters and its adjacent beaches, integrate seamlessly to The Haritha Collection’s commitment to Sri Lanka’s natural heritage. The Haritha Collection was launched to travel and tour operators, supported by a global digital media marketing campaign on 2 September.

Source : http://www.ft.lk/article/468399/%E2%80%98The-Haritha-Collection–launched-in-international-tourism-markets#sthash.hA2U7lSK.dpuf


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