SL Embassy in Washington joins Passport DC’s Around the World Embassy Tour in US capital




The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C. opened its doors to American visitors as part of Passport DC’s Around the World Embassy Tour on 2 May, promoting Sri Lanka as an exciting destination among prospective US tourists, travellers and well-wishers.
Over 1000 visitors were treateBUP_DFT_DFT-8-14d to traditional Sri Lankan hospitality with a sample of Sri Lankan authentic cuisine and a peek at the country’s rich cultural heritage. A colourful photo exhibition of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty, sites and tourist attractions captivated the attention of all visitors.
The Sari Corner generated much excitement among the ladies and the opportunity to be clad in colourful Sri Lankan attire proved very popular among the visitors.
Visitors also tried their hand at the Sinhala and Tamil scripts, by making an effort to write their names in Sri Lanka’s national languages.
Passport DC is Washington DC’s citywide international cultural awareness program that enables residents and visitors to experience and explore the international culture that flourishes alongside and beyond Washington’s renowned institutions. It is presented by Cultural Tourism DC in partnership with over 70 participating embassies and affiliates.

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