‘The World’ arrives in Sri Lanka for three-day stopover



The largest privately-owned residential yacht docked at the ports of Colombo and Galle recently, with 165 residents on board.
‘The World’ is a private residential cruise ship serving as a residential community owned by its residents. Residents from 19 different countries live on board while the ship travels the earth staying in most ports for about three days. Some live on board full-time while others visit periodically, throughout the year. “Prudential Shipping Lines as the local Port agent for ‘The World’ residencies at sea, is proud to associate itself with the magnanimous living space in the ocean by providing shipping agency services during its stay in Sri Lanka,” said Managing Director Rohitha Mendis.

The opportunity to provide a star-class service, in operation, to an exclusive group of residents and crew to the first such vessel arriving in Sri Lanka positions Prudential Shipping as a world-class provider with credentials to match and has paved the way forward in the development of the industry. Prudential Shipping Lines Ltd. is an established logistics company with a proven track-record over the last 16 years with a professional approach and is ISO certified.
They offer their services on a “partnership ethic” and grow in tandem with their clients. They provide incomparable freight and shipping services to the industry, which include freight, logistics, warehousing, line of supply, customer clearing and distribution.
‘The World’, the 644-foot long floating apartments is 93 feet wide with 12 customer decks. The 43,524 tonne vessel has 165 residences of which 106 are apartments, 19 studio apartments and 40 studio, two and three bedroom apartments that are all owned by its residents. The average occupancy is 150-200 residents and guests, with about 260 crew members.

Source : http://www.ft.lk/2015/04/06/the-world-arrives-in-sri-lanka-for-three-day-stopover/


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