A tour and a taste of Sri Lanka’s finest tea

Introducing a twist to Sri Lanka’s finest beverage, the Tea & Herb Company has commenced tea-tasting tours at their state-of-the-art factory and warehouse in Mulleriyawa, a 30-minute drive from Colombo.

Visitors are introduced and taken through a fascinating 2-hour journey from tealeaf to teacup including the process of blending, bidding and tasting of tea. This exclusive programme ends with a fine high tea that is complemented with blended iced and hot teas from the company’s specialty Silkenty range.

Silkenty teas, which come in silken pyramid tea bags is incomparable to other tea bags as the fine fabric allows a clear view of the tea as it slowly releases its flavor into the cup. Each pyramid is filled with real tea leaves, whole buds and flowers, natural herbs, exotic spices and real fruit pieces that make up the wide range of Silkenty teas on offer. At the start of the tour, visitors are served the mouthwatering and award-winning luxury iced tea, the Real Berry Iced Tea, winner of the Best Iced Tea award at the 2008 World Tea Championships.

Next on the agenda is a short presentation on tea manufacture followed by an in-depth tour and detailed description of how value is added to tea through the fine art of blending, bidding and packaging.

Back at the marquee, visitors then get to ‘master’ the art of tea tasting as the tables are set and tea is brewed and the tasting begins. To add excitement to the tour and to test your taste buds, you can opt to try your luck at the blind tea tasting skills and win some exciting prizes!

The whole evening ends with a fabulous high tea and an incredible array of complementary teas.

Source: http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=121187


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