Simplicity, serenity and nature


Nestled in Werapitiya, Kandy amidst the glorious mountains of Sri Lanka and to be opened in late 2015, Santani is a sublime paradise of relaxation, simplicity, serenity and nature. It is an intelligently designed wellness resort that strives to offer you an experience of mindfulness and rejuvenation.

The experience at Santani is far from the usual vacation. It is an opportunity to be in harmony with nature and with yourself, taking a break from the rush of daily life. The focus at the resort is on wellness, serenity and revitalisation, so that one can be a better individual, thriving professionally, financially, intellectually, emotionally, and in all the ways that make them a better person.

At the core of Santani is the ideology that, ‘sustainability begins with the human’. It is only when humans as a race are sustained, can the environment be sustained. Hence, the prime focus of this wellness resort is to introduce patrons to a lifestyle that helps them discover how to become better individuals who thrive in everything they do.

z_p24-Simplicity03.jpg“Owing to the advancement of technology, today we live in a world of seamless connectivity. While this has many benefits, it has also taken away the much-needed emotional break at the end of a working day. There is a great imbalance in people’s lives where work has asserted its dominance over all other aspects of life. We believe it is high time to change that and revitalise ourselves and balance our lives in a fun way,” Santani Chief Executive Officer and MAK Alliance Director Vickum Nawagamuwage opined.

Santani introduces all to a lifestyle of mindful attitude, healthy eating and exercise that will help one to take a break from the metropolitan rush in a fun and totally relaxing setting. Here, significant attention is paid to detox the mind and body. While relieving the body of the toxins that get collected due stress and lack of rest, ‘Digital detox’ or disconnection from the continuous flow of information through smart-phones and other digital devices is also an integral aspect of Santani’s journey towards rejuvenation. Thus, the guest is encouraged to disconnect from technology to reconnect with each other, the environment around them and ultimately, themselves.

The journey at Santani begins with the assessment of one’s own wellness goals that include both physical and emotional aspects. The wellness leader at the resort will guide the clients throughout the process, ensuring that they will thrive and achieve their goals. The programmes offered by the resort, designed to have durations of seven to 21 days, are inclusive of components such as yoga, meditation, physical fitness, multiple types of massages, cleansing diets, excursions to explore the breathtaking surroundings in Kandy region and lifestyle workshops that will drive one towards achieving mindfulness and rejuvenation. Santani will also have the first ever hydrotherapy facility in the country. Moreover, the professional team of wellness experts at the resort will ensure that patrons receive a service-beyond mere pampering-that will aid in cleansing and calming their body and mind.

Step once into Santani and be in harmony with nature, with each other and ultimately with yourself. Guests will step out being a better ‘you’ in every aspect.


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