Estonian tourism firms here on trade mission

An Estonian delegation of ten tourism firms will be arriving in Sri Lanka in April to identify areas of co-operation in the areas of tourism and hotels; particularly to create much – needed business links with the local counterparts, Ambassador for Estonia to Sri Lanka Viljar Lubi said.

He made this remark addressing a seminar organized by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka on Wednesday.

Sri Lanka and Estonia could also explore partnering opportunities especially in IT and e-governance. “Sri Lanka’s economy is expected to continue on a high growth path and there would be many investment opportunities for Estonian companies to explore in Sri Lanka. I believe Sri Lanka and Estonia should further explore opportunities to strengthen their bilateral relations,

especially in trade and tourism and investment. This will eventually help enhance bi-lateral trade volumes between the two countries,” Lubi said. Highlighting some of the potential areas of investments available for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs in Estonia, Lubi said, “Estonia is a tourist magnet and I would be looking at more opportunities to promote tourism between the two countries in years ahead. In addition, timber development, information technology, dairy products, e-governance are some of the thriving business areas in Estonia. Most of the Estonian companies have remained unaware of true business potential in Sri Lanka over the years and I think it’s high time for Estonian companies to explore business opportunities in Sri Lanka because Sri Lankan economy has seen significant growth in the recent past.

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