Discretion is the name

If you need a respite from the corporate efficiency of Colombo’s modern mega-hotels, you will appreciate the uniquely colonial spirit of the Bungalow. The location, down a sleepy side street in downtown Colombo, is fairly well hidden and is noted for its comfort and its quiet charm.

The Havelock Bungalow has not exactly followed the crowd – discretion is the name of the game here and perfect for travelers who find the buzz of the ‘hip boutique’ a bit tiresome. Rooms are decorated in a classic style, antique but not oppressively so, each featuring traditional décor and classic hospitality with a boutique sensibility.z_p25-Discretion2_0.jpg

There’s more than a touch of Zen about the place, beautiful interiors, total tranquility and a refreshingly laid-back vibe. The Bungalow offers dining options which include an indoor restaurant and garden dining, where guests can sit under the shades of many leafy green trees enjoying a leisurely meal with the company of birds and butterflies.

The restaurant’s secret charm is based solely on word of mouth recommendations – it’s the food that steals the show, a mix of Italian and Asian fusion cuisine – everything from the crusty breads, yummy jams, to the creamy ice creams and sorbets are made in-house. A must have is their signature dish: the Crab and Coconut Risotto.

With its eclectic combination of the old and new, the Havelock Place Bungalow is the perfect choice for the business traveler, the tourist and the foodie alike.

The idyllic Havelock Place Bungalow’s garden patio can accommodate around 30 guests and offers sit down dinners for garden parties, informal get together and other private functions.

Havelock Place Bungalow is situated at 6-8 Havelock Place, Colombo 5. Open from 7.30am to 10pm. Prior Reservation is highly recommended, especially for dinner.

Source : http://www.dailynews.lk/?q=features/discretion-name


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