Bloomberg to kick off brand building campaign for Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism is in the final stages of negotiating a US$ 2 billion, 1 year campaign with business media leader Bloomberg to build on Sri Lankan tourism barnd.

An initial six month contract will be signed, under which twenty percent of the promotional content would be on nation brand building, and the rest on driving the brand values of Sri Lanka Tourism among the top end global decision makers.

“The logic being we want the world to know the ‘Positive Transformation’ taking place in the country on the area of exports, investments, sports and the people element which will have a trickle down impact to the tourism industry in the future,” Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau Chairman Rohantha Athukorala said.

He said that the campaign would create synergies with the 47 travel and trade fairs that the private sector will take part in globally this year.

The campaign is expected t o deliver a brand building value of US$ 61 billion, as Bloomberg is active in over 40 countries and reaches 300 million households.

“The new direction is commendable and this best practice has worked for many i n other countries,” Bloomberg Media Asia Pacific Managing Director Parry Ravindranathan said.

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